Giving Back

Robert D. Bohm is not only interested in protecting the rights and well-being of his clients in personal injury and premises injury cases, but he is involved with community programs to enhance the lives of all.  One of his latest projects was sponsoring a piece of art from Tacoma’s Museum of Glass (MOG) for a touring exhibit of Kids Design Glass Program.  As described on the MOG Web site:

A child draws a design—generally a fantastical creature—names it, and writes a brief explanation or story about his or her creation. The Museum’s Hot Shop Team selects one design every month based on its aesthetic merits and transforms the two-dimensional drawing into a three-dimensional sculpture. As the designer, the child directs the artists as they make two sculptures—one for the child to take home and the other for MOG’s Kids Design Glass™ Collection.
2015-08-27 Bart The Beaver from MOG

Robert D. Bohm, PLLC sponsored Bart. The designer noted: “Bart the Beaver has an ego about his feet. He uses them to Jump up high and run very fast.” – Reid Clark (age 9)

2015-04-19 Bart the Beaver sponsored by RDB